Detroit: Become Human | Game Review

Updated: Jun 6, 2018

Game: Detroit: Become Human

Initial Release: May 25, 2018

Developer: Quantic Dream

Genre: Adventure game

Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Platform: PlayStation 4 (Exclusive)

First off, I'd like to mention real quick this is the first review of the new site! I decided to not incorporate the older reviews with the old format from my previous website, but appreciate all the views and support that were previously given. I look forward to bringing you new reviews in this new format.

Wow. If I could sum up #DetroitBecomeHuman in just one word, it would be "wow". I've been a big fan of Quantic Dream since Indigo Prophecy (Farenheit) on the PS2 back in 2005, and have enjoyed Heavy Rain, and Beyond Two Souls immensely. That being said, David Cage and Quantic Dream have out done themselves with #DetroitBecomeHuman From the moment you turn it on you feel emotion, a sense of responsibility to the characters, and an overall "I care about what's going on" as the game lets you control every aspect of how each character is developed. I've broken this review down into a few specific parts in hopes to give you a better understanding of exactly what #DetroitBecomeHuman is.

What's it About?

#DetroitBecomeHuman isnt a carbon-copy shooter, or a boring run and gun "kill everything" free-for-all. To put it simply, this is an adult game that plays exactly like a movie. I'd go as far as to say this GAME, is one of the best MOVIES I've seen in a long time. #DetroitBecomeHuman gives you love, drama, emotion, a sense of caring, everything you could possibly want from any interactive story. That's exactly what #DetroitBecomeHuman is, an interactive story. You won't be worrying about shooting the next zombie coming through the window, or how many item drops you need to get before ranking up, no, you'll be wondering how Markus will overcome his race looking at extinction. You'll be caring for Alice as if she's a part of your own family, and how Connor is becoming conflicted with his investigation, and his orders. Even if you disliked previous Quantic Dream games, I urge you to pickup #DetroitBecomeHuman and give it a try. I promise you that you'll care about at least one character in this game, and by the time it's over, you'll sit there, shake your head, and say "wow". Then you'll probably want to play it again right away to see one of the different 98273498274 endings. Yes, #DetroitBecomeHuman is one of those games where every choice you make, from very early in the game, changes the upcoming chapters. You may make a decision that totally transforms how you can proceed in the next chapter, and every decision you make creates a special and very specific ending for each character. Take a quick look at this "extras" vid and you'll understand what went into making #DetroitBecomeHuman so special.


#DetroitBecomeHuman has tons of characters you'll come across in your play through, but we'll focus on just a few main characters here.

Markus from Detroit: Become Human
Markus from Detroit: Become Human


Actor: Jesse Williams (Twitter: @iJesseWilliams)

Markus is one of the three main playable characters, and has a huge story arc. There's not one moment in this game you feel disconnected from Markus, or that he doesn't matter. You'll lead the android revolution with Markus, and help shape the future of the android race moving forward.

Kara and Alice

Kara Actress: Valorie Curry (Twitter: @valoriecurry)

The Kara and Alice story is an emotional Mother-Daughter type story. You find early on how Alice is in a less than desirable home situation, and how Kara (an android) starts to "feel" for Alice, and her negative situation. While #DetroitBecomeHuman has tons of emotional stories and scenes, Kara and Alice will hit you in the heart, hard, and keep you rooting for them for the entire game.


Actor: Bryan Dechart (Twitter: @BryanDechart)

Connor is the Android you'll be playing that is leading an investigation against the deviant androids. His job is to work with Hank, and track down each deviant, and find out why they've went rogue. Connor's story, and transformation (well, possible transformation depending on how you play him) is nothing less than amazing. Connor shapes many things in this game, and for many, has the possibility to become one of your all-time favorite game characters.

Lt. Hank

Actor: Clancy Brown (Twitter: @RealClancyBrown)

That's right, the legendary Clancy Brown is in #DetroitBecomeHuman and that may be reason enough to play right there. All jokes aside, Clancy's performance, just like the rest of the cast, is superb. While you don't get to play as Hank, he's still a very important character in the game. Hank is the human partner of Connor who is helping spearhead the deviant investigation. Hank has "issues", and isn't exactly friendly with androids. As the story goes, Hank grows, and helps you grow along the way. Hank has very real problems, and will be very relate-able to many who play, which is just another pro of this game.. it provokes thought and real feelings. Whether you love Hank, or hate him, at one point he'll have you shaking your head and saying "That's true, I feel you Hank".

The Story

Before you read about the story, I ask you watch this quick 2 minute clip taken from my 2nd playthrough of the game (not a story spoiler).

That song sums up #DetroitBecomeHuman for me. Emotional, heart-felt, and thought provoking. #DetroitBecomeHuman is about androids learning how to "feel". As androids start to learn emotions, and that they're alive, beings, they face an almost impossible task.. getting humans to understand. I thought of Planet of the Apes many times while playing, as the stories are similar in a lot of ways. You have these slaves, machines built by man, to serve man, that start realizing there is more to life. The problem is humans don't feel "life" has anything to do with a machine, and there's your plot. #DetroitBecomeHuman is about 12 hours of game play, and not one minute of it feels forced, or insignificant. Each move you make helps shape the next move, and provokes thought on whether or not you made the right decision. I've played through #DetroitBecomeHuman twice in the first week of release, streaming it both times, and everyone enjoyed it immensely both times. The different outcomes, different story lines, how you shape how a character feels and behaves is fantastic, and done beautifully by David Cage and crew. #DetroitBecomeHuman is easily one of the greatest stories ever told in gaming history thanks to the execution, and insane amount of time that has went into the development.

Pros / Cons

Just about everything about #DetroitBecomeHuman screams success, but it may not be for everyone, depending on your style. Here's a few pros and cons to help you decide if #DetroitBecomeHuman is right for you.


- Story is crazy good. You won't be able to put this down if you're into great story telling

- The actors in #DetroitBecomeHuman did an amazing job. This has better acting than a lot of movies coming out in theaters this year.

- Variety of outcomes. If you like games that change as you play, and allows you to shape them, this is no doubt a must buy.

- It's a thinker. If you enjoy entertainment that provokes thoughts about life, socialism, and real-world issues, then #DetroitBecomeHuman is a huge winner for you. I assure you that you won't be let down on the the emotional side of things when playing.

- FRESH. In a gaming world of carbon-copy sports games, and 1st person shooters, #DetroitBecomeHuman offers something new. Tired of just running around and shooting everything that moves? Pick up #DetroitBecomeHuman and use your decision making ability for a change.


- QTE. While I don't mind them (actually enjoy them at times), I know quick time events aren't for everyone. Almost every situation in #DetroitBecomeHuman has some sort of QTE involved. If you hate QTE, stay away.

- It's not Open World. Many gamers today feel they need to have freedom to run around and do as they please. If that's you, you're going to hate this game. While you can "explore" at times, almost the entire game is linear and pushing you in a specific direction.

- Replay-ability is limited. While the story, and outcomes are vast, once you experience them, there's not much reason to comeback. After two playthroughs I have about 85% of trophies, with some minimal cleanup needed to platinum it. Think of this as more of a great movie, and not a game you're going to keep coming back to every few weeks.

Extras / Nudity

There's not much as far as "extras" and such in #DetroitBecomeHuman Almost all extras are unlockable character models, art galleries, and videos that aren't tough to acquire. I'll post a quick vid below that gives you a taste of what to expect. As far as nudity is concerned, this is one of the few Quantic Dream games that doesn't have any. You do visit the "Eden Club" which is a android brothel of sorts, but all models have workout-ish type clothes on as seen here.

This is good for parents who may have been wondering on the adult content of #DetroitBecomeHuman but bad for those wanting some pixelated breasts. I will say there are a few scenes of the androids without their human-like skin, but it's no different that looking at a not-anatomically correct mannequin at your local clothing store.

Final Verdict

#DetroitBecomeHuman is a big winner and is my #GOTY as of June 2018. Yes, God of War was great, lots of fun, but #DetroitBecomeHuman just blew me away. Pretty much any type of game, movie, form of entertainment, etc.. makes you think afterwards "what could I change to make it better". I can honestly say I don't know what I could do to change #DetroitBecomeHuman to improve it. I don't know, maybe get some of those pixelated breasts in there for good measure ha ha. Seriously though, It's well written, well executed, well acted, and tons of fun to play. Pick this up, you won't be let down.

#DetroitBecomeHuman gets 9 Fonzie thumbs up out of 10

Detroit: Become Human gets 9 out of 10
Detroit: Become Human gets 9 out of 10

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