This is a Custom Logo Slot!    Purchase of this gives you ONE (1) custom created logo of your choice.  Please keep in mind I can do most any logo, but the MLB The Show logo editor does have limitations so check with me before purchasing this if you think your logo may not be doable.  Remember, these are logos and are meant to look somewhat cartoonish, realism and such cannot be duplicated in the editor.  If you have any questions at all contact me here through the contact tab, or DM me on Twitter:  @TheVanillaBeast


FONTS - All fonts will be done with a default font that cloest matches your logo font.  I do not create custom fonts unless we have previously discussed it prior to starting work. 


TIMING - You will hear from me shortly after purchasing this slot about completing work.  You will need to send me a copy of the logo you would like completed, and any specifics you may have.  I will complete the logo and setup a download time within 2 weeks (this is max time, it may be out to you much sooner) of purchase date.


Be sure to continue to come back and check other pre-created logos as the season goes on as I'll be adding all custom logos to this section once completed.  Become a site member here, and follow me on Twitter for updated MLB The Show logo news, and when custom logo slots become available Twitter:  @TheVanillaBeast  - Thanks for checking out my logos!

Custom Logo Slot (Rare) | MLB The Show 20

SKU: CustomLogo001
  • Once I've completed your logo, you've seen it and happy with it, we will set a time we're both on PS4. I'll upload, you Download, then I remove the file so only you receive it.  Contact me with questions.